Total Balance Complementary Therapies: Your Body in Balance - Naturally

The Total Balance Clinic in Aberdeen offers a range of Complementary Therapy treatments
and products to help you achieve optimum health.
Also known as Alternative Therapies, the natural and gentle treatments I offer, including the Bowen Technique, work in harmony with your body to rebalance and revitalise you in a truly holistic way. Although these therapies are gentle you may be surprised with how quickly they work.
My clients have seen some amazing results, some of whom have suffered with back pain for years! Just take a look at their testimonials. So, whether you are seeking a solution for stress-relief, back pain or many other symptoms, I will have the most effective therapy for you.

Come and take some time out to look after yourself!


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IBS, Digestive Problems, Bloating, Total Balance Aberdeen

What is IBS?
What are the symptoms of IBS?
What are the causes of IBS?
How can treatments help IBS?

Celery Juice for Digestive Problems at Total Balance

My Health Book of the Moment

 This book details how to eliminate over 200 symptoms including digestive problems. You can click here to order your copy.

Celery Juice by Anthony Williams

Bowen Technique at Total Balance Aberdeen. Try it for Back Pain

Bowen Technique for Back Pain
 "I have suffered back pain and sciatica for years, then a friend recommended a Bowen treatment by Jackie Farmer. A few sessions later, my aches and pains were gone!"

Workstation Assessments by Total Balance Aberdeen

Back Pain, Neck Pain?

Could it be the way you sit at your computer?

Find out more