Back Exercises & Stretches

Back Stretches & ExercisesBack Exercises for clients of Total Balance Aberdeen

These stretches are intended as a reminder of the "homework" given to my clients following their Bowen Technique session at Total Balance. They are to be done to your own comfort and at your own risk.

As with any exercises, you should check with your GP BEFORE embarking on any of the following stretches or exercises as they may be unsuitable for you at this time.

Always start slowly and STOP if you feel any sharp or severe pain.

It is NOT recommended that you attempt any of the following as they could cause you further pain or strain:

  • Sit-ups with legs raised off the floor
  • Crunches with hands placed behind the head
  • Bending forward to touch your toes, in a standing position
  • Full neck rotations


Gentle Exercises for your Back and Neck

Neck Rotations - lying on the floor

Ear to Shoulder

Chin in, nose down

Scrunch up and drop the shoulders

Rotate arms so palms face forward and squeeze scaps together

Lying on floor, on back, stretch out fully - legs & arms

Pelvic tilt - lying on floor

Hug knees into lower back for a few moments. This is a sufficient stretch for most people following their session. You may then wish to try - tip your weight from one side of sacrum to the other, without lifting hips off floor

Lying on back with knees bent & feet flat on floor, gently lower both knees over to one side without lifting shoulders off the floor. Bring knees back up to the start position and gently lower to the opposite side. You can do this five or six times each side to loosen off the back. You may be able to progress to turning your head to the opposite side to your knees.

Cat stretch


Clam stretch

Also - check the tension in your jaw! If there is any tension here, you may be able to relieve some of it by running your tongue between the teeth and lips of the top and bottom jaw.