Is my posture ok?

How can I tell if my posture is ok?

There are three ways you could check your posture:

Look in the mirror. Stand facing the mirror, with your shoes off.

  • Does your head tilt to one side?
  • Are your eyes level and even in shape?
  • Are your collar bones level?
  • Do your arms hang evenly from the sides of your body?
  • Are your hands turned inwards or outwards from the sides of your body? Is this even on both sides?
  • Are your shoulders level; hip bones level and knees of equal height to each other?
  • Are you putting more of your weight through one foot than another?
  • Do your kneecaps point forward?
  • Do your feet point forward and are they in line with each other?
  • Are your ankles rolled outwards or inwards?

Side View - check both sides as it is likely that you will be different on each side. You may need to get someone to help you here and it is a good idea to take a photograph so that you can check yourself.

  • Are your ankles in line with your hips, shoulders and ear?
  • Are your knees straight or locked back?
  • Is your stomach flat or protruding?
  • Is there a slight curve in your lower back - too much or too little can cause you postural problems.
  • Do your shoulders roll forward?
  • Is your head erect or is it reaching forward or back?
  • Is your chin tipping upwards or down?
  • Is there a slight curve in your neck?


Wall test You can check the three natural curves in your spine this way.

Stand with your heels against the base of the wall and lean against the wall.

Your bottom, upper back and the back of your head should touch the wall.

Try sliding your hand between the wall and your lower back - you should have a 1-2" gap here and no more. If you need to correct this, try tucking your bottom under a little, as if tucking your tail in.

Try sliding your hand between your neck and the wall. There should only be about a 2" gap here and you will probably find that you need to tuck your chin in (not down) to correct this.

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