Natural Remedies

Natural RemediesNatural Remedies for Bowen Technique at Total Balance Aberdeen

The following remedies are often recommended by Bowen practitioners for their clients to use between Bowen Technique treatments.

Swollen Joints

Washing soda can help draw out the excess fluid from swollen joints, where there is no inflammation. It works best when applied overnight as a pack over the affected joint.

Crush the Washing Soda crystals to the size of coarse salt and place in a cotton cloth. A handkerchief will do fine. Fold the cloth up and wrap over the joint. Secure in place with a bandage and wrap the whole area in a towel to absorb the drawn fluid. Up to one and a half cups of fluid can leach out of a swollen knee and this amount of liquid would probably cause an uncomfortable night! The whole pack can be placed in the washing machine after use.

You can apply a pack every other night (up to 3 per week). Please ensure any cuts and grazes are covered with oil or vaseline as the area may become irritated. Anyone with sensitive skin should patch test the washing soda under a plaster to check for any possible reaction, prior to using this method. Please ensure you use Washing Soda and NOT caustic soda.

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are magnesium sulphate crystals and can be used for detoxification of the joints and relaxation of muscles. Bowen therapists often recommend them as they are useful in dispersing the acid which accumulates in the joints, causing calcification, swelling and pain. Back pain from a variety of causes can be helped by soaking in an Epsom salts bath. Even if you don't have any pain, they are a great preventative measure.Epsom Salts for Bowen Technique at Total Balance Aberdeen

A handful of Epsom salts in the bath is all you need and you can enhance the effect by adding your favourite pure essential oils. For a footbath, just add around two tablespoons. Soak for 15-20 minutes. Please note that Epsom salts can make the bath slippery.

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Kidney Cleanse

Tom Bowen advised his patients to eat 2 slices of raw beetroot each day. This should be for a maximum period of 14 days. Beetroot can be either grated on salads or consumed as a juice. Please note that the stools or urine may become red.

Cider Apple Vinegar

Cider Apple Vinegar has different properties to other vinegars in that it is alkaline-forming, not acid. The alkaline properties counteract the acid which builds up in the area of muscle strain. It is preferred by many trainers and Bowen therapists to ice as a method of reducing swelling and pain. It can be used as a compress by soaking a cloth in vinegar, applying to the affected area and wrapping in cling film to slow down evaporation. The pack can be left on each day for one to two hours.

If the skin has any cuts or abrasions then these should be covered with oil or vaseline to prevent stinging. For those with sensitive skin the vinegar can be diluted.

Cider Apple Vinegar can also be taken internally to prevent colds and flu or for conditions such as arthritis.

The above remedies are intended for information only. Please speak to your healthcare practitioner before using them.

Natural Deodorants

Use a deodorant stone made from natural crystal to stay smelling fresh. They are deodorant because they prevent odour-causing bacteria from forming on the skin. These crystals are thought to be much safer because they contain no aluminium chlorohydrate, the pore-blocking ingredient found in most anti-perspirants, thought to be a risk factor in breast cancer. Worth considering?


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