Pelvic Balance Exercises

These stretches can be beneficial for back pain and tight muscles when performed regularly.
They are advised for clients having Bowen Technique treatments at Total Balance Aberdeen
Pelvic exercise:
Before you get out of bed each morning, lie on your back and perform six times with each leg.
Drag one foot up towards the buttock.
Bend the knee towards the opposite shoulder, without lifting your hip off the mattress.
Straighten the leg as much as you can. (If your hamstrings pull then lower the leg until you can straighten it).
Lower the leg down straight. Repeat with the other leg.
Sitting upright, outstretch your legs in front of you, ensuring your knees are straight and flat to the floor. As an extra stretch you can flex your feet upwards (at right angles to your shins).
Lie down flat on your back with your knees bent up. Cross one leg over the other and clasp your hands around your lower leg. Gently pull your thigh towards your body, ensuring there is no strain on your neck. You should feel a stretch underneath your bottom, in the upper leg. Swap legs. Remember, this is a gentle stretch – just hold when you feel a stretch, take a breath in and on the out breath, just pull up a little more. Don’t overdo it!
Quads and Psoas:
You can stretch your quads and psoas by lunging forwards on one leg, with the other leg stretched out behind you. Ensure both feet are pointing forwards and do not lean too far. It is imperative that you keep your back straight. Again, just hold the stretch and do not bounce. Be careful with this stretch if you have any knee problems.
To work the glutes you can lie on your side, with your back against the wall to ensure your pelvis is level. Bend both knees and lift the foot of the top leg just behind the foot of your lower leg. Open out your leg to lift your knee upwards. Pull up on the pelvic floor muscles as you do this to keep your core strength.
Neurolymphatic stimulation for muscles in the pelvic area.
This involves 20 – 30 seconds of vigorous rubbing at the following points:
Upper sacral area – the prominent knobs either side of the spine, level with L5;
The whole width of the pubic bone, just at the upper edge of the bone.
The sides of your legs, just where the tip of the middle finger reaches when your hands are down by your sides. This point can also be massaged by resting the side of your leg on a spiky ball. Be careful to support your body and avoid twisting your back as you do this. Avoid putting too much of your body weight on the ball at first as these points can be really tender!
Spiky balls can be used to soften the tightness down the whole length of the side of the leg (ITB), and to soften the glutes. Place the spiky balls either side of the sacrum as you lie down on a firm surface. Tip your weight gently from one to the other and ensure that your head is supported so that you don’t strain your neck. You may find it helpful to move the balls into slightly different positions from time to time.
Doing these exercises and stretches daily, in conjunction with your treatments at Total Balance should keep things moving well for you.
Together, we are working towards Total Balance 
Please note that these stretches are intended to gently enhance mobility. They should only ever be done gently. If you feel any discomfort with any of these exercises then you should stop immediately. Any exercise regime should be endorsed by your healthcare professional and are done at your own risk. Total Balance accepts no liability for any injury caused by any persons attempting these stretches.