Poor Posture

What are the causes of poor posture?

  • Slumping in front of the tv. Do you sit on an angle, twisted or slumped?
  • Sitting incorrectly at the pc for hours on end, both at work and at home. When was the last time you had your workstation assessed?
  • We just don't use our bodies enough anymore! We certainly don't allow them to use their full range of movement. Stretching is wonderful for our bodies and, done correctly can have very beneficial effects. Think about your everyday activities - do spend most of your time crunched up or do you stretch?
  • Poor sitting position in the car, sometimes for long periods of time. Next time you are at a motorway service station just watch people as they climb out of their cars, so stiff and uncomfortable!
  • Car accidents, falls and other accidents can knock your body out of alignment and create poor posture as you body tries deperately to to support itself in the wrong alignment.
  • Carrying heavy bags, either in your hands or on one shoulder. It is amazing to watch people as they walk down the street with laptop bags or heavy handbags, blissfully unaware of the damage they may be doing!
  • Wearing the wrong shoes obviously affects how you walk. Heels which are too high push the pelvis forward and the head forward so that the body's weight is not correctly distributed in the areas designed to take the strain.
  • Getting cold - we tend to hunch up our shoulders against the cold. Wearing too many layers around the neck can also push forward the neck and cause discomfort.
  • Visual problems can cause you to lean forward to see things more clearly. Be sure to get your eyes tested regularly and use your glasses or lenses when you need to.

During your course of treatments we cover aspects such as this in order to help you eliminate the risk of future problems.

Together, we are working towards Total Balance.