Tips for Better Posture

  • Check out your own posture regularly and try to correct it. Make better posture a good habit.
  • Appropriate regular exercise can help keep muscles supple and toned.
  • Keep an eye on your weight - excess weight in the stomach area can put strain on the lower back by increasing the curve.
  • Check your mattress - you need to be supported but the mattress doesn't necessarily need to be like a board!
  • Have regular eye tests and wear the prescribed glasses or lenses to ensure you have no need to squint or lean forward to see.
  • Get help soon to realign your body after any falls, jolts or bumps. The Bowen Technique and Total Balance Therapy are excellent for this.
  • Ensure you have a workstation assessment to check your posture and workstation layout are both properly aligned. Even though these are required by law, many workplaces are a bit slack in this area. You can safeguard yourself by purchasing a Posture Monitor and using it at your pc, both for work and at home.
  • When the weather turns cold, protect your neck by wearing a scarf and appropriate clothing, ensuring that the fabric around your neck does not push your head forward. It may seem obvious but this is an area many people pay little attention to.
  • Bags. If your bag is too heavy or you have to carry it on one shoulder then it will be causing problems. Check out your posture in the mirror whilst carrying your bag in the usual way! A bag which distributes the weight over both shoulders is far better for your posture. Heavy rucksacks will need a strap around the pelvis to carry the weight lower down and avoid increasing the pressure on the lumbar area.
  • Vary your posture - alternate tasks as much as you can.
  • Stretch before you feel the muscle tension build up!
  • Think what you are doing to your poor body!

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