Workstation (DSE) Assessments

Workstation (DSE) Assessments

Aches & Pains? Workstation DSE Assessments Total Balance Aberdeen

Chronic back pain and other musculo-skeletal injuries such as neck, shoulder and elbow pain, resulting from poor posture whilst working at a computer is a known and growing problem.

 It has become such a problem that the Government passed a law requiring all businesses to carry out a DSE workstation assessment for each individual who works at a computer, to ensure their safety.

Workstation DSE Assessments Total Balance Aberdeen


Unfortunately, the reality is that this law is not easily enforced.
A DSE workstation assessment is intended to cover all you need to know on how to check your chair, desk, yourself and your equipment to ensure you can sit correctly and safely at your workstation.


 Many businesses do not provide this assessment for a variety of reasons. They have to train their staff or bring in an outside consultant, all of which takes time and money. As a consequence, it is the computer user who ends up suffering neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain or arm pain, which usually then requires physical therapy such as the Bowen Technique to help with pain relief.

Workstation DSE Assessments Total Balance Aberdeen



So many of my clients have been referred to Total Balance by their employers for treatments, just because their workstation is set up incorrectly!



Total Balance DSE Assessment Service for Businesses

Total Balance offers a DSE Workstation Assessment service for small businesses or those who do not have an in-house Workstation Assessor and wish to protect their staff and comply with the law.
We send you an initial form to be completed by computer users within your business and then carry out an on-site assessment. You will receive a report detailing the findings and any recommendations.
We can even offer individual postural assessments and advice on any treatments for employees who may have ongoing problems due to poor posture at the computer.
So, before you splash out on expensive ergonomic office equipment, it is best to have an assessment of what you already have and see if it can be put to better use.
It could actually save you money in the end!
Because a Workstation Assessment is intended to help the computer user on an on-going basis, we can provide a Posture Monitor for each workstation we assess, therefore enabling the user to continually check their own posture at the computer and reduce their risk of discomfort and injury.

The Posture Monitor for Individuals and Businesses

If you work at a computer, you may have noticed how achy your neck and shoulders become at the end of the day. The likelihood is then that your posture at the computer could do with a few adjustments in order to reduce this discomfort and prevent it worsening. Even if you have had your workstation assessed, the chances are that you have no way of reminding yourself what you were shown on a video or what the assessor once told you. Bad habits creep back in and you end up feeling discomfort.

Total Balance has developed the Posture Monitor to help any individual carry out their own DSE Workstation Assessment, step-by-step, ensuring that they are working in the best possible way to prevent injury to themselves at work or at home.
The Posture Monitor is an instruction card which sits at the top of the computer monitor and is clearly visible to the user, to remind them of the need to check their posture and to give valuable information on how to correct themselves and their equipment layout.
The added bonus of using a Posture Monitor is that the reverse side of the Posture Monitor shows a number of useful stretches to help encourage movement of the static muscles, which otherwise can cause discomfort.
You can order your Posture Monitor online here.

The Posture Monitor - Because working at the computer can become a REAL pain!


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