Yoga is the oldest form of personal development, exercising all parts of the body, inside and out; revitalising the body and calming the mind; improving mental clarity and concentration.


  • Practising the postures or asanas tones and stretches the muscles and ligaments; improves the circulation and elimination of waste products and increases flexibility of the spine and joints as it releases physical and mental tension. Because we tend to move less and less these days due to sitting at a desk or driving most of the day this kind of movement is an excellent way to counteract the congestion which builds in our bodies from static muscles and restricted movement.
  • Yoga breathing enables us to use the whole of our lungs, not just a part as we tend to do most of the time. This rhythmic, controlled breathing helps increase the intake of oxygen into the body, nourishing all the cells and helping to eliminate further toxins from the system. It is also wonderful for controlling and calming the mind and re-energising for the body.
  • Relaxation following your Yoga practise allows the body to settle as tension is further released. This can leave you refreshed and feeling calm for the remainder of your day.

Why not try Yoga for yourself?

It is not necessary to be incredibly fit or flexible to practise yoga. Keep it up and the improvements will come, that is why it's called practise!
Some people come to Yoga to become fit or increase their flexibility; some to help with a particular problem such as back or neck pain, recovery from injury or poor posture, whilst others come to benefit from the de-stressing effect it has on their mind and body. The best thing is that practising Yoga can give you all this at the same time!

Yoga for Total Balance

In conjunction with your Complementary Therapy treatments at Total Balance you may wish to discover the beneficial effect which Yoga could have for you.

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