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Please find below a selection of books which you may find interesting and useful:

Some of these I have recommended to my clients in the past and some are recommendations from my clients which I thought I would share with you. I hope you find them of interest.

The Gratitude Habit Journal.

This book has changed the life of so many of the people I know that I now often recommend this as aftercare homework for my clients.
Focussing on just the small good things in your day, each day can help to change your outlook for the long term. Spend 5 minutes each day exploring what it takes to make you happy and create for yourself the habit of gratitude. There's something about writing your thoughts on the paper in a book that you don't get from anything else. Give it a try!!


The Blue Mind - by Wallace J Nichols

The surprising science behind why you feel better when you are near, in, under or on water and how it can make you feel happier, more connected, healthier and better at what you do.
It is next on my list!!




Anthony Williams Medical Medium Books for Healthy Eating

Learn how to properly fuel your body, using food as medicine.



General reading: Neurotribes - The Legacy of Autism and How to Think Smarter About People Who Think Differently


 Help for Back & Neck Pain:


 Help for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS):



 Low GL Diet Books for Sustainable Healthy Eating



  Geopathic Stress:



Breast Health:



 Bach Flower Remedies


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Dairy Free Recipes



"Cooking Without" books


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