Exercise and Fitness Products from Total Balance

Here is an easy way to find exercise and fitness equipment to help in between your sessions
and a few ideas to help you sit more comfortably. 

Spiky Balls

Spiky Balls to use on tight muscles between your treatments at Total Balance Aberdeen

These 10cm Spiky Balls are now being used by many Total Balance clients in between their treatments to enhance the effects of the treatment and keep some of that muscle tension away. Because they are small, they are great to take away when travelling too.

The most popular areas they are used on are the lower back, glute muscles, IT bands and shoulders. Due to the fact they are fairly soft, they can be much less savage than a foam roller. So smiles all round!!

You can purchase yours on your next visit to the clinic and have fun inventing new ways to use them!

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Spiky balls:



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Sitting Comfortably?
Here are some ideas which may help you


Lumbar Support and Wedge Cushions for your Home, Car or Office


McKenzie Roll Support Cushions for your Back and Neck

These are useful to help you achieve better posture whilst sitting and reduce the load on your spine. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes for your comfort



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