Health Kinesiology

Health Kinesiology

 It is a well-known fact that our bodies have an innate ability to constantly adjust to maintain health and balance.
Sometimes though, we struggle in the face of sustained, long-term physical or emotional stress or following traumas such as accidents or surgery.
Often it is a few months (or years) following the onset of these that we can start to feel below par in a physical or emotional way. So how do you regain balance?

This is where Health Kinesiology comes into its own!

Using a highly skilled technique of applying light pressure to an arm muscle (muscle testing) as a Health Kinesiologist I  can gain feedback about the balance of energy within the body to identify those stresses which have upset the flow of energy within your system and caused the physical or emotional struggles you are having.
These energy imbalances or restrictions can then be simply released by using a range of balancing methods whilst holding acupuncture points.
These gentle and non-invasive balancing methods can include the use of magnets, flower remedies, specific thoughts, self-contact, body positions and essential oils. Balance is regained by holding the exact points you need to restore the flow of information about correct function and structure within your body, thus allowing you to move back to a more relaxed, healthier state of being.

What happens in a Health Kinesiology session?

Usually you would lie down, fully clothed and relax on the treatment couch whilst I use an arm muscle to identify exactly what you need to regain and maintain balance in the light of the concerns or goals you have listed on your consultation form.
Perhaps these would be:
•    Boosting your energy and vitality by eliminating those niggling discomforts
•    Releasing negative thinking and behaviour patterns which no longer serve you
•    Boosting your self-esteem or confidence around a certain subject or situation
•    Overcoming those fears and worry which drag you down
•    Sharpening your mental focus or improve your sports or work performance
•    Improving your relationships at home or work
•    Boosting your own healing and immunity
•    Achieving your very own feeling of well-being

Each session generally lasts around an hour and most people find it a relaxing and intriguing experience.
No two sessions are exactly alike, even for people with the same symptoms, as each session is tailor-made just for you.

Sometimes a single session can make a big difference but it is likely that you will need a series of sessions to allow the work to truly integrate and create the opportunity for permanent change.

Depending on what you need you may also be offered some simple aftercare advice to do yourself, to help your energy continue to flow. As each client responds differently to each session it is always best to allow your body a little time to relax and heal each day after your appointment.

Some of my clients recognise that Health Kinesiology can be used in a preventative manner too and continue to have regular sessions to maintain their health and wellbeing. They love it!

So please don’t ignore those signals of energy disturbance your body gives you such as:
Twinges of pain, headaches, backache, digestive disturbances, feeling run down or out of sorts, struggling to cope, feeling under pressure – these are all signs that we need to make some positive changes.
Health Kinesiology can help you do just that. So what are you waiting for?

Please call me on 07971 207833 for further information or to book your Health Kinesiology appointment.

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Health Kinesiology Energy Toning Movements

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