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At present, I am not taking any new massage clients but would be happy to offer you an alternative such as the Bowen Technique. Please just telephone me for details.

Aromatherapy Massage
Combining the therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils with the power of touch to create a gentle massage for relaxation and healing.
Aromatherapy massage can help
·         Detoxify
·         Boost circulation
·         Relieve tense or tired muscles
·         Relieve stress
Aromatherapy massage can be especially helpful for symptoms of stress and tension such as
·         Headches
·         Bowel problems
·         Poor sleep patterns
And is an excellent way of maintaining well-being.
Essential oil blends are created specifically for your needs on the day and blends can be recommended for home use as creams, lotions, bath products and pure oil blends for vaporising.
Treatment times: The minimum time you will need to fully benefit from this treatment is one hour. This allows ample time for me to work thoroughly on your legs, back, neck and shoulders, easing away tension in these areas.Sessions for 90 minutes can also be booked if you would like to really relax!
For a real treat, why not book for a Full Works session which lasts two hours and blends full body massage plus reflexology or facial massage. This is the perfect way to completely chill out.
No-Hands back to Basics Massage
A very different type of massage which relaxes the whole body and mind. The techniques used are performed on the legs, back, neck and shoulders without the use of fingers and thumbs. The results are amazing. A wonderful way to relax.
This treatment can be performed within a one-hour session, allowing time for rest afterwards.
Therapeutic / Swedish Massage
Deeper than aromatherapy massage, this more traditional style of oil-based massage is ideal for the relaxation of muscle tension and stiffness. Regular treatments are an excellent way to relieve the stresses and strains of our hectic lifestyles. A one hour session allows time for thorough work on the legs, back, neck and shoulders.
Tui Na Massage (Chinese Bodywork Therapy)
This versatile, traditional massage can be performed through clothing or directly on the skin, using oils. It is most frequently used for improving general flexibility and mobility of the body and to reduce pain eg back pain through relaxation.
Tui Na can be combined with other therapies within a treatment. It is traditionally used by practioners of Chinese medicine in conjunction with acupressure to:
·         Stimulate blood and body fluid movement
·         Clear stagnation of Qi energy within the meridians and tissues
·         Establish correct functioning of muscles and ligaments
·         To mobilise joints
This is a brisk, stimulating massage technique tailored to your needs on the day. A one hour session should be booked.

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To book your appointment, please telephone 07971 207833
(In the interests of my own work/life balance I am available during ususal office hours)
This information is not intended as a substitute for conventional medical diagnosis or treament. It is always advisable to seek the advice of your GP prior to making any changes. Please note that I do not diagnose or treat specific ailments or illnesses, rather I treat the person who may have imbalances in the body which manifest as physical discomfort or ailments. I make no claims that the therapies I offer treat or cure any specific health problems.The aim of the treatment is to allow the body to relax and rebalance itself.