Natural Products From Total Balance

Natural Products

We have listed below some of the most popular natural products, including:


Epsom Salts

 Epsom Salts are pure Magnesium sulphate crystals and many Total Balance clients find
an Epsom Salts bath soothes their aching muscles.
A wonderful way to relax and detox.
This selection appear to be the best value and come in a choice of sizes to suit your needs.
Use a handful of these in your bath and enjoy a long soak



Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is a naturally powerful anti-microbial, shown to be effective at neutralising up to 650 different bacteria, fungus and viruses. It is a suspension of nano-particles of silver in water and can be used directly on the skin or for cleaning. The products below have been selected for you because of their quality. They are 20 parts per million strength and come in a 300ml bottle or a handy 100ml spray bottle.



Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

Just like the ones in the Total Balance treatment room,
these lamps give a beautiful glow to your room and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Which ones will you choose?






Deodorant Stones

This 100% natural deodorant crystal works when applied to wet skin.
Simply rub onto the skin after a shower. It is non-staining and great for sensitive skin.
It will not block the pores like anti-perspirants but is deodorising because it prevents the growth of bacteria on the skin. No bacteria = no smell!
Usually they last for years!!

I always have these available for sale in the treatment room but if you would prefer to order on line, here they are.
Why not try one and see how you like it?



Herbal Tea Products

For those of you who prefer to make your own tea, rather than using a tea-bag,
here are my favourites



Herbal Tea Bags

You will find all your favourites here. Some of these are available in multipacks too!





Bach Flower Remedies

For those who know which remedies they need and require stock bottles, you can order from here.

Crystal Herbs produce Bach Flower Remedies in a choice of 10ml and 25ml bottles.

Should you prefer a ready-made blend tailored to your requirements or a consultation at Total Balance, then please contact me, using the contact form at the top of the page.


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