Jackie Farmer Qualifications

I started my training in the field of Complementary Therapies in 1998  and have never really stopped learning. I have a passion for learning new ways to improve the effectiveness of the treatments I give.

These qualifications and the experience I have gained over the years means I have a range of options to offer my clients. There really is a treatment here for everyone!


  • Diploma in Oriental Body Balance (Kore Therapy) - College of Oriental Body Balance
  • Diploma in Bowen Therapeutic Technique - Bowen Academy of Australia
  • Diploma in Holistic Therapies - VCTC - incorporating:
    • Diploma in Body Massage
    • Diploma in Reflexology
    • Diploma in Aromatherapy
    • Diploma in Nutrition
    • Certificate in Counselling by a therapist
    • Certificate In Anatomy & Physiology
  • Diploma in Indian Head Massage - VAI
  • Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology (Distinction) - Penny Price Academy


  • Certificate in Orthopaedic Testing - College of Oriental Body Balance
  • Certificate in Advanced Level Bowen with Ossie & Elaine Rentsch
  • Certificate in Bowen for Mothers and Babies with Rick Minnery
  • Certificate in Working with Back Pain (Bowen) with John Wilks
  • Certificates in 1st and 2nd degree Reiki - Sandra Day School of Health Studies
  • Certificate Level 2 Bach Flower Remedies - Edward Bach Centre
  • Certificate in Aromatherapy for Pregnancy, Labour and Post Natal - Sandra Day School
  • Certificate in Transforming Touch - No Hands Massage
  • Certificate in Sports Massage - IIHHT
  • Certificate in Thermo-Auricular Therapy (Ear Candling) - Alda House
  • Certificate in Managing Safely - IOSH
  • Emotional Freedom Technique, Levels 1 and 2.
  • Certificate in Emergency First Aid
  • Certificate of Achievement: DSE Assessors Course - Ark Occupational Health
  • Health Kinesiology: HK1; HK2; HK3; HK4; HK5; HK6; HK7
  • Touch for Health Levels 1, 2 & 3
  • Certificate in Hot Stones Massage - Amethyst Holistic Training

CPD courses completed include:

  • Tongue and Pulse Assessment - College of Oriental Body Balance
  • Chemistry of Essential Oils - Sandra Day School
  • Advanced Specialist Bowen Procedures - Bowen UK with Ossie & Elaine Rentch
  • Assessment and Palpation Skills - Bowen UK with Trevor Griffiths
  • Hara Diagnosis - College of Oriental Body Balance with Clinton Sandall
  • Eve Taylor System of Analysis for the Face and Body
  • Working with Neck Pain - Bowen UK with Robyn Wood
  • Bowen Therapy and Diabetes - Bowen UK with Robyn Wood
  • Walker Technique - Additional Procedures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
  • Mind - Body Bowen - Bowen UK with Anne Schubert & Margaret Spicer
  • Bowen Hidden Pearls (Advanced Anatomy & Physiology for Bowen Therapists) with Louise Tremblay
  • Hormonal Release the Bowen Way - with Ron Phelan
  • TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint) Rebalancing using Bowen - with Ron Phelan
  • Health Kinesiology Level 6 - with Franky Kossy
  • Health Kinesiology Level 7 - with Minna Oldfield
  • Weleda Wellbeing Advisor - Skincare Analysis
  • Emmett Technique - Introduction


To benefit from my training and experience,

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 This information is not intended as a substitute for conventional medical diagnosis or treament. It is always advisable to seek the advice of your GP prior to making any changes. Please note that I do not diagnose or treat specific ailments or illnesses, rather I treat the person who may have imbalances in the body which manifest as physical discomfort or ailments. I make no claims that the therapies I offer treat or cure any specific health problems.The aim of the treatment is to allow the body to relax and rebalance itself.