Total Balance clients are always asking me for more information on how to help themselves in between treatments. So, in addition to our own products, here are some great products which you may like to use.

These products can be used to enhance your treatment at Total Balance, such as:

  • Background reading on how to improve your condition, such as back pain or IBS
  • Exercise and fitness equipment to help you at home, such as resistance bands and spiky balls
  • Music to help you relax
  • Natural products such as Deodorant Stones and Bach Flower Remedies to enjoy using at home.
  • For allergy sufferers, there is a link lower down this page to the Healthy House company which provides products to help with allergies such as Dust Mites, pollens & mould plus products for Air Purification, Water Purification and Electromagnetic Stress.

Each of these areas have their own page, which can be found under Shopping and we have listed a few more items such as Lumie Body Clocks, Cherry Stone Heat Pillows, Salt Crystal Lamps and S A D lights below on this page.

For your 10% discount on supplements please just ask me for the discount code at your next session.

For Weleda natural skincare products please contact me directly.

Enjoy browsing!


Encourage your body to wake up naturally with these Lumie Body Clocks


Seasonal Affective Disorder Lamps and Light Boxes may help to imrove your mood
by increasing your exposure to daylight during the winter months


Cherry Stone Pillows
just heat them up for a few minutes and use them wherever you need!
These pillows are washable too

This is one product I wouldn't be without.


Salt Crystal Lamps and Tea Light Holders

Just like the one in the Total Balance treatment room, these Salt Crystal lamps are made
from Salt Crystal from the foothills of the Himalayas.
The lamps come with a cable and bulb (please check that they are suitable for your area when buying!) and give off a cozy, warm glow.
Featured in Janey-Lee Grace's book Imperfectly Natural Home, they are also reputed to have air-purifying qualities.
I have selected some different shapes and sizes here for you, along with some pretty tea-light holders - which ones will you choose?




The Healthy House Ltd

This company offers a range of products and information for allergy sufferers

  • Air Purification - air purifiers, sterilisers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers
  • Water Filtration - water filter systems for the kitchen, shower and whole house
  • Chemical Sensitivity - cleaning products, mattresses and bedding
  • Electromagnetic stress - products to measure and reduce electromagnetic stress
  • Allergies to Dust Mites, Moulds, Pets - bedding and products to help relieve symptoms
  • Asthma and Eczema sufferers - toiletries, gloves and bedding

Clients of Total Balance can use the code PC172 when ordering over the phone or via the website


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