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Here are just a few of the comments written by my clients
about their treatments


Food Intolerance Testing at Total Balance Aberdeen

"Just wanted to let you know how I'm getting on after my food intolerance 
testing at the start of August, and in a word the results have been 
"amazing"!  I'd guesstimate that my skin has cleared up about 90%! 
A real result, thanks so much!"     LK, Aberdeen



Bowen Technique and Anmo Fu at Total Balance AberdeenOver the years I have had terrible back problems and had heard about Bowen but never had a treatment.The Bowen is fantastic and helped my problem out after years of discomfort and hundreds of pain killers. 
Also you must try reflexology. It is wonderful and stomach [Anmo Fu] massage. 
I would have no hesitation in forwarding Jackie's contacts as she is a fabulous complementary therapist. 
Thank you Jackie. E R, Aberdeen



Bowen Technique at Total Balance Aberdeen

I have found my visits to Jackie to receive the Bowen Treatment just fantastic. I've suffered with back and shoulder problems for a while and have found that things are much better than before. Jackie aims to give you sound advice on how to avoid repeating the problems and tips on what to do in between visits to get the most from your treatment. After my 4th visit recently, I've found I've become much more aware of my posture, especially whilst sitting at my desk, and I'm now making much more of a conscious effort to sit better! I can't recommend Jackie highly enough.' FC, Aberdeen


Bowen Technique at Total Balance Aberdeen


  "I have suffered back pain and sciatica for years, then a friend recommended
a Bowen treatment by Jackie Farmer.
A few sessions later, my aches and pains were gone!"      R.B. Southport



Bowen Technique at Total Balance Aberdeen

I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. I don't know what you did, but it must've been magic because I have been feeling so much better. I thought it would take me weeks to start healing. Thank you.

A.M. Edinburgh


Bowen Technique at Total Balance Aberdeen

I'd never even heard of Bowen Technique prior to my consultation with Jackie. 
To my surprise - it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life -
I haven't been this relaxed in years.

I can't wait for my next session!   
Russell - Senior Project Manager

Thanks again for my session


 Bowen Technique at Total Balance Aberdeen

After years of heavy weight-lifting and boxing training alongside a physical job (building trade), I developed a back problem which resulted in an inflamed sciatic nerve.

After a year of trying all different therapies, I went to see Jackie.

The Bowen Technique started to make a difference straight away and after a few sessions I felt "normal" again.

My posture improved dramatically with some exercises that Jackie gave me to do at home.

I would happily recommend the Bowen Technique to people with any injuries like these.

G Dileo, Edinburgh



Bowen Technique at Total Balance Aberdeen

Many thanks for the vast improvement in my movements

Dear Jackie,
I am so pleased that you have been able to travel here to continue with my treatment. I could not believe you could make any difference to my mobility but how wrong I was. 
From the first week I improved and my confidence grew with each visit. 
I now have only occasional joint pain and usually because I do something I know I can't do.
I have also regained my cheerful disposition and look forward to better health.

W.M. Edinburgh


 Bowen Technique at Total Balance Aberdeen

I wasn't quite sure what to expect with Bowen but thought there would be quite a bit of manipulation. I had a knee and hip problem from an old road traffic accident so was expecting some discomfort with the therapy.

In fact I was pleasantly surprised that Bowen was a gentle yet extremely effective treatment.  I felt very relaxed during the treatment and found Jackie's observational skills absolutely spot on.  She pinpointed areas of tension immediately and worked gently to help relax the muscles.  

I wasn't expecting much of a result after the first treatment, however I walked out feeling like my pelvis was sitting in the right place for the first time in years!   My body felt better balanced and I felt totally relaxed.   I've had several treatments now and each time feel better and have a lovely sense of walking tall and relaxed afterwards.

Angela Smith, Tai Chi Teacher



Bowen Technique at Total Balance Aberdeen

 I came to Jackie with aching limbs, having recently taking up jogging; some digestive issues and generally feeling not connected to my body.

She took the time out to listen as I relayed my symptoms before beginning treatment. Having never experienced Bowen before she calmly and clearly told me what to expect and during the treatment I felt relaxed and comfortable. 

From the first treatment I noticed a difference and my symptoms have improved.  I really look forward to the sessions and Bowen is now regular maintenance for my health and well being.

Lynsey Stewart, Edinburgh



Bowen Technique at Total Balance Aberdeen

"Even after only one Bowen treatment from Jackie I could feel a real difference. I have since had 3 other Bowen treatments and the swelling in my feet and ankles has gone completely and I have been able to put on full shoes which I have not been able to do for some considerable time". 

L.H. Warrington



Bowen Technique at Total Balance Aberdeen

I don't know what you did but it worked! I haven't had the pain in my hip since!"

R.E. Edinburgh




Bowen Technique at Total Balance Aberdeen

"Thank you very much for the treatment you gave me. The relief is unbelievable. I had the sore and swollen foot for 14 weeks and within 2 days of my treatment I had relief. To walk around even the supermarket without pain is fantastic" 

B.M. St Helens



Complementary Therapies at Total Balance Aberdeen


“For the last six months I have been visiting Jackie Farmer, the Holistic Therapist, based at at the Town Hall Treatment Rooms.

What an absolutely wonderful service this is. When I first started to visit Jackie, I was suffering neck and back pain. At one point I could not turn my head to the left for the severe pain it caused me. Today, I feel one hundred percent better. I have more movement and feel less pain, with gentle massage it leads to total relaxation.

You are assessed by the therapist in a holistic manner regarding your own lifestyle. Aches and pains may be avoided with just a few alterations to your daily routine.

Yes, this service is for everyone in WBC. Use it or lose it!

My colleagues in Older People’s Service are of the same opinion as myself. We are a totally chilled group of workers due to this wonderful service.

Many thanks to Jackie.

CHILL! You don’t need a pill”

BC. SW Department. Older People’s Services


Grapevine – Warrington Borough Council Employee Magazine


Reflexology at Total Balance Aberdeen

"Since beginning the treatment (Reflexology) I have noticed a marked improvement in my pattern of sleep. Her obvious knowledge of several forms of treatment and their efficacy, aligned to her friendly manner have made my visits to Jackie very worthwhile"

P.M. Warrington



Reflexology at Total Balance Aberdeen


"Thanks for all the therapies. It has proved a real life-saver. Keep up the good work!"

H.D. Warrington




Bowen Technique at Total Balance Aberdeen

I think the Bowen treatment is very relaxing and a great way of relieving stress"

E.H. Warrington



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Complementary Therapy at Total Balance Aberdeen

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