Total Balance CD

Total Balance Music CD

Click on this link above to reach the River of Light site. Here you will find a range of music CDs to match your mood, including the Total Balance CD.

If you are a client at the Total Balance Complementary Therapies clinic in Aberdeen, you may well choose to play this lovely, relaxing music after a treatment session. It is all great for background music whilst you are writing or relaxing. Choose from music to soothe you, rebalance you or help you drift peacefully off to sleep. It is all great to listen to!

When you click through to the site you will find a black selector in the middle of the page which, when you slide across it, will help you see the full range of music. You can even hear a sample before you buy your favourite CD or download tracks.

I hope you enjoy listening to this Total Balance CD as much as we do.

Total Balance Music CD        

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 Together, we are working towards Total Balance