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  Treatment review – Bite Magazine, Edinburgh. March 2007

 "Oriental Body Balance (Kore Therapy) is a fusion of Western and Eastern techniques used to diagnose and treat areas of imbalance in the body.

I recently went for a session with Natural Health Practitioner, Jackie Farmer and was astounded at the results.

Step one of my consultation involved a lifestyle and medical history questionnaire, a tongue and pulse analysis and a series of muscle testing movements.

Step two involved tailoring a treatment based on the findings.

OBB (Kore Therapy) focuses on finding the root causes for a number of medical problems, believing that if you treat the cause the symptoms will be alleviated. It can be helpful for back, neck and joint problems; depression; hormonal imbalance; digestive disorders; insomnia; stress; headaches and migraines; lack of energy; sports injury; skin complaints and many more.

My diagnosis revealed structural imbalances, digestive problems and ‘storage areas’ for stress in my body. The discovery that the left side of my body was out of balance with the right side could account for the constant pain in my left shoulder and previous bouts of sciatica down my left side.

Jackie treated me by using a combination of massage techniques. Tui Na is a vigorous massage which stimulates the flow of energy around the meridian points in the body. Anmo Fu is an abdominal massage and Qi Gong eases muscle, joint organ and ligament dysfunction. I was advised which areas of my body to massage daily, including acupressure points on my feet and knees which would help my kidneys and spleen respectively.

I left the session feeling lighter, happier and calmer than I had before and determined to book up another session."




“For the last six months I have been visiting Jackie Farmer, the Holistic Therapist, based at at the Town Hall Treatment Rooms.

What an absolutely wonderful service this is. When I first started to visit Jackie, I was suffering neck and back muscle pain. At one point I could not turn my head to the left for the severe pain it caused me. Today, I feel one hundred percent better. I have more movement and feel less pain, with gentle massage it leads to total relaxation.

You are assessed by the therapist in a holistic manner regarding your own lifestyle. Aches and pains may be avoided with just a few alterations to your daily routine.

Yes, this service is for everyone in WBC. Use it or lose it!

My colleagues in Older People’s Service are of the same opinion as myself. We are a totally chilled group of workers due to this wonderful service.

Many thanks to Jackie.

CHILL! You don’t need a pill”

BC. SW Department. Older People’s Services


Grapevine – Warrington Borough Council Employee Magazine


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