Workplace Wellness Programmes

Workplace Wellness Programmes

Workplace Wellness with Total Balance AberdeenIn the current climate it is essential to ensure that all employees are contributing fully in the workplace. Absenteeism costs organisations an enormous amount of money, most of which could be better spent on looking after the staff in the first place.

According to The Labour Force Survey, an estimated 11.4 million days were lost in Britain in 2008/09 due to stress and 415,000 individuals working in Britain believed they were experiencing work-related stress at a level that was making them ill.

The Clinical Standards Advisory Group found that in 2003-4 almost 5 million working days were lost due to back pain and that in any one working day 1% of the population were on sick leave due to back problems.

Working with your HR and Occupational Health or Health & Safety teams, we can offer a range of options from an individual Workstation (DSE) Assessment to a full Wellness Programme, to enhance your Health Awareness Programme.


Why not work towards preventing potential problems before they cause absenteeism?

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Workplace Health Screening can help highlight those staff who may be suffering from musculo-skeletal problems at work and I also offer the option of treatment to correct these problems.

  • Back Care and Postural Advice - 30 minute assessment-only per individual.
    Those who would benefit from this scheme can be either employees who are currently absent from work, or those employees who are struggling at work due to musculo-skeletal injury, particularly back pain and neck pain.
    Ideal for assessing the needs of your employees prior to the provision of a healthcare programme.


  • Wellness Screening - 60 minutes Kore Therapy assessment with Postural Assessment, as above, plus additional treatment time.
    Ideal for an assessment for a Return to Work Programme, especially for those staff with back and neck pain or other musculo-skeletal problems.
    Clearly, some employees would require more than 1 treatment and a decision could be taken as to whether your organisation would fund further treatments, with a view to enabling them to return to work or improve productivity.
    Most organisations have funded an initial 6 treatment sessions to staff, taking a view thereafter.

    These Wellness Screening sessions could be offered to the whole team, regardless of whether they have an injury or not, as a way of conveying your interest in injury prevention and employee welfare. Those staff without injuries may wish to receive more relaxing treatments such as:


  • Workplace De-stressing Sessions - Treatments such as Indian Head Massage, Seated Massage, Reflexology and Seated Bowen can be easily incorporated into your workplace. All we need is a quiet room! These de-stressing sessions can be "one-off" days or regular sessions to highlight the importance of self-care.
    We can incorporate them into your rolling Health Awareness Programme which may include nutritional advice, stress-relief techniques, back care, fitness training and other options.
    Many organisations have implemented clinics such as this to work towards the Healthy Working Lives awards. Funded treatments are a great way to reward staff loyalty, good attendance and increased workload.


  •  Workstation DSE Assessments for a single member of staff or the whole office. Required by law but neglected too often. We can help guide you through. Safeguard yourself and your employees and get yourself compliant!
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  • Vouchers for treatments at the Total Balance Clinic are also great staff incentives!




"Thank you for your hard work and effort into making this work for us. It has proved to be very successful and something that we will be considering in the future, possibly on a more permanent basis". SH, Human Resources Manager, IKEA, 2000


"Jackie has a very professional approach and she is reliable and flexible. Also we have had feedback from our co-workers who found her to be very friendly and approachable. I would not hesitate in recommending Jackie to provide an excellent service to any organisation". L J, HR Manager IKEA, October 2002


"Jackie Farmer facilitated a session with our Parents Group "Relaxation". The parents really enjoyed the session. Some of the comments from the parents were: "I felt so relaxed. It was excellent" and "I was so glad I had a head and shoulder massage. I felt so chilled". I would not hesitate to ask Jackie to come back along to facilitate a session with our Parents Group or our Volunteers in the future. Jackie was very helpful assisting with the materials required and meeting the needs of the parents." M W, Co-ordinator, HomeStart Leith & North East Edinburgh, November 2009


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