Your Consultation

Your Consultation

Total Balance AberdeenIt is my policy always to have a chat with people before they make an appointment to assess whether I can offer any help and ascertain the most appropriate treatment.
When you come to me for a treatment, I ask you to complete a confidential medical history form, in order to ascertain the most appropriate treatment for you at this time. This should only take you around 10 minutes.
Please download a copy of this consultation form to complete prior to your appointment. This will allow more time for your treatment. Should you wish to complete the consultation form with my assistance then we can do this together, within the treatment time. This form is required as a stipulation of my insurance so, even if you just want to relax we are both assured we have all the relevant information needed for you to obtain the best out of your treatment.

Usually, I will write to your GP to inform them that you are receiving treatments from me. Your GP may wish to know how this complements any treatment they may be giving you. Please inform me if you would prefer me not to contact your GP.

I look at any symptoms you may present with as signals of imbalance in your body, which may have occurred through physical injury or emotional trauma. It is then we can choose the most appropriate and/or beneficial treatment for you on the day.

Most of the treatments I offer can be performed through lightweight and loose clothing. For massage, where oils are used directly on the skin, you will need time to change before and after your treatment so it is better to arrive just 5 minutes early for your treatment, especially if it is your first session with me. Strong smells such as perfumes and cigarette smoke may affect other clients. Please do not wear any perfume or perfumed products to your appointment.

Session times last up to 1 hour, depending on the treatment chosen. A 1 hour session where a massage has been chosen will usually comprise a 50 minute massage plus time for changing.

All treatments are by appointment only. Please contact me by telephone to make a booking.


This information is not intended as a substitute for conventional medical diagnosis or treament. It is always advisable to seek the advice of your GP prior to making any changes. Please note that I do not diagnose or treat specific ailments or illnesses, rather I treat the person who may have imbalances in the body which manifest as physical discomfort or ailments. I make no claims that the therapies I offer treat or cure any specific health problems.The aim of the treatment is to allow the body to relax and rebalance itself.

Conditions of Booking:

By making your appointment with me and downloading the consultation form you agree to accept the following conditions:

Please note that if you are under medical supervision then you are advised to ask your GP or healthcare provider for their approval prior to receiving treatments from me. If you choose not to do this then I will ask you to sign a disclaimer to this effect. There are certain medical conditions where I am required to refuse treatment.

Payment is required by cash or cheque at the end of each treatment session. Alternatively you can use the Paypal facility on this site and purchase a voucher, bringing your printed receipt with you. I will receive notification of a payment and your receipt should match this. Simple!

Any vouchers presented must be in date. Copies are not acceptable.

Cancellation Policy:

Any cancellations must be made by telephoning 07971 207833.

Please do not email me to cancel or re-arange your appointment as I will not necessarily receive it whilst I am working and the full cancellation fees will apply.

Fees always apply for cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment, as follows:

Cancellation within 24 hours: £25.00

No show: Full fee will be charged

These cancellation fees are in place because you have reserved a specific chunk of my time in which I cannot treat another client. I hope you understand this policy.

If I have enough notice of your cancellation, another client may be able to fill the appointment time and if this happens, you will not be charged.

So please let me know if you can't make your appointment - someone else may be in need of that slot!!

To improve your well-being, book your appointment now by calling 07971 207833

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