Posture Monitor

The Posture Monitor -
because working at the computer can become a REAL pain!
Chronic back pain and other musculo-skeletal injuries resulting from poor posture whilst working at a computer is a known and growing problem.
At one point, over 70% of the clients attending my clinics were suffering from aches and pains directly caused by sitting incorrectly at their computers all day.
I started looking into the reasons why this was occurring so frequently and my findings subsequently led me to develop the Posture Monitor.

  • The Posture Monitor is an instruction card that attaches to the top of your pc monitor.
  • It is a permanently visible reminder of the Health and Safety Executive guidelines on correct sitting position and can be used in the workplace to carry out Workstation Assessments as required by law.
  • On the reverse side of the Posture Monitor cards there are some simple stretches to help reduce muscle fatigue which builds up during the day.
  • Whether at work or at home, you can significantly reduce your risk by setting up your workstation correctly and following the simple advice contained on the Posture Monitor.

The Posture Monitor is currently being used by businesses of various sizes: local government offices, the NHS, trades union offices, NHS Occupational Health Teams and in many schools and homes.

  • Some businesses can afford to pay a Health and Safety consultant or employ a full time Health and Safety manager to perform workstation assessments, but what if you have a small business?
  • What if you are self-employed? How do you know you are protecting yourself as well as you can?
  • Even when you have had a workstation assessment done, this is just a snapshot in time. What happens if you change something like your chair? What if you can't remember what the assessor told you? Most of my clients said they needed to be constantly reminded.

The Posture Monitor is also the ideal way of looking after your posture whilst you use the computer at home, where you may not have access to such vital health and safety information but you may well spend a substantial few hours working.
Where else can you readily access:

  • 50 pointers on how to correctly set up your workstation?
  • a choice of 15 stretches to help you reduce muscle fatige throughout the day?

Each Posture Monitor costs only £5 (plus p&p of £3.80 for up to 10 Posture Monitors to a UK address)
Can you afford not to invest in a Posture Monitor?
You can purchase your Posture Monitors through this website
The Posture Monitor -
because working at the computer can become a REAL pain!